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I have a player that did NOT play Club last year. Can they play in the Spring League?
  Yes, as long as the player gets registered with CYSA-S.  Contact your club registrar or the CSL office for the registration procedure.
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When is the last date a team can sign up for Spring Soccer?
   Feb. 3, 2016, including payment.

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How much does it cost to play in Spring Soccer?
   Click here for the Team Fees page
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When does the Spring Soccer season start?
   The Spring Soccer season starts March 3, 2016.  Please view the calendar for play dates.
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I have a team that is not currently registered with CYSA-South. How can I participate in Spring League?
  In order for your team to participate in a CYSA-South sanctioned competitive league, you must complete the following:
   1) Register your team with the CYSA-South sanctioned league.
   2) Register your players with that league.
   3) All coaches must obtain a minimum of a USSF "E" coaching license.
   4) All coaches and other responsible team administrators must complete risk management processing (Level "A" program.
  This applies to fall, winter, and spring season and whether or not your team is affiliated with another USSF member (AYSO, Super Y League, SAY,
   or US Club Soccer).

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One of the primary goals of Spring Soccer 2016 is more players playing more soccer in a competitive environment, without the pressure to “win” at all costs. This is a great place to try out new players or transfer players. Your team can gain valuable playing time before the Open and National Cups. Teams can request 2 a-days which may help them prepare for Open and National Cups. A side benefit is playing this many games without the cost of participating in a tournament, its related expenses and time commitment.

Teams will be scheduled games in accordance with the Plan the team registered for, i.e. A, B, or C
Spring Cup is free with Plan (A).

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All coaches, trainers, managers, team/club officials must have all valid CYSA-S paperwork to participate.


Can Loan players be used?
   Yes, there is no limit on the number of loan players.
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New Players?
   No limit on new players. New players must be CYSA-S registered. This can be completed at the CSL Office. The fee for new players registered by
   Spring Soccer will be $30.00 per player and all paperwork must be completed by Thursday, noon, to participate in the following weekend's games.
   This cost includes the CYSA Registration fees only. New players can be registered by their respective Club registrar according to local club policies.
   Players without a valid player pass will NOT be eligible to participate.
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Since each team must secure a home field, does that mean half of our games will be home games?
    Could be more home games depending on other teams that may not have a home field. The home and away game theory does not apply to Spring
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Will any fields we supply be used for other games not involving the designated teams from our club?

We do not have a home field, can we still join?
   YES. Your team will travel and we will attempt to have you join up with another local teams home field at a cost per game to be used by the home
    hosting club. Any field fees are shared by both teams using the facility.   In the event that your team does not have a home field for Spring Soccer,
    we schedule you as the away team for the entire season.

      However there will be occasions, as an example

  • where your opponent may not have a home field;
  • or their home field is full at the time of scheduling;
  • or you or your opponent will be playing 2 games in one day at a neutral facility. 

     In this case, teams will split the the venue rental.  Venue rental charges vary by location and will be deducted from the team's bond account. 

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When does the season start and end?
   Please view the Calendar page for detailed dates.
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When will the schedules be posted?
   Please view the Calendar page for detailed dates.
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Can we NOT be scheduled on certain dates?
   Yes.   After your application has  been submitted , you can specify your No-Play dates by submitting the No-Play Dates form prior to the posted
     deadline date (see the Calendar).  However, excessive no-play date requests may limit scheduling opportunities for both your team and others in
     your bracket.

Is it be possible to be scheduled 2 games on Saturday or 2 games on Sunday?
   Yes, if it can be worked into the schedule.. The second game will also count toward your Plan's total scheduled games.
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Is it possible to play 2 away games on the same day either at the same field or close enough to be able to commute?
   Yes, if it can be worked into the schedule.
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   Schedules will be written so teams can participate in State and National Cups. Teams may choose one additional week-end to enter a tournament.
   Teams choosing to take week-ends off for other events are not guaranteed a full game schedule.
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Will there be brackets gold/silver, north/south... etc as is now in the CSL?
   Teams will be placed in flights and pools according to a teams level of play and geographic location
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We have a bond with CSL. Do we need a new $150 bond for Spring Soccer?
  Yes, a separate bond of $150 is required for Spring Soccer.
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Can I sign up now and pay later?
   Yes.  You can pay later either online or by check.  However, all payment deadlines still apply, regardless of the date of the application..
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Will any of our games conflict with the High School Season Rules?
    No. Spring Soccer will not conflict with High Schools Rules.
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How are referees paid?   
    Local Soccer Referee Associations or their designated agents, will assign all referees. The amount of the referees fees will be paid at the field shared
    equally by each team, at the same rate as the CSL 2015 fall playing season.
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